Thursday, January 15, 2009

Little Man has been Sick

Life is no fun when you have a sick child. It doesn't matter if it is just a cold, or heaven forbid, something much more serious. Casey has been sick this week. He just isn't himself. He got to stay home with Mommy Tuesday, Nana Wednesday, and Mommy and Nana Thursday. He had his first blood work incident on Thursday. We have had the finger prick thing done many times and he has always been a trooper. Today was no exception! He sat in Mommy's lap and was a big boy. He didn't squirm or scream or even cringe. He watched the whole time and just a few tears rolled out of his eyes.....Mom was OK until the nurse said he was crying....then I shed a few tears (as I am doing now remembering!) The nurses were all so impressed with him! It made me so proud! He got a special present of some candy AND a popsicle!

He has always been good about doctor visits and taking medicine, etc. He is truly my little trooper! Remember, Mommy loves you best!

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