Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day, 2008

Today is Christmas Day. He is finally asleep! Last night he was so excited because Santa was going to come! It took forever to get him to sleep. We sang songs, talked about the birth of Jesus, and hid under the covers from Santa. Finally, around 11pm, he went to sleep. Dad and I made our Santa preparations and were in bed by midnight. Around 6:30am, he awoke. Did Santa come? I told him we would have to go check! We went into the living room and discovered that yes, indeed, Santa had been there! Stockings were full and most of all, the 'pipe truck' and lincoln logs with a train were there! He has played all day long. We have built tracks and tunnels, fixed the pipe truck so the pipes won't fall off, built a pipeline several times and finally crashed around 9pm this evening! A busy day for a busy boy! Merry Christmas, my son! Mommy loves you!

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